Earthwool Glasswool Insulation

Earthwool Glasswool is ideal insulation for Wellington homes

Earthwool Glasswool is a glasswool product that saves energy, absorbs sound, has an excellent fire rating and  is available in a wide range of R values for ceilings, walls and underfloors to suit any project.

Earthwool Glasswool is made using recycled glass bottles and sand and is binded with bio based materials making it less itchy and better handle-perfect for environmentally conscious customers. Knauf earthwool is our “Go to”  fibreglass product.

Earthwool Glasswool has no odour; will not rot; does not retain moisture; will not sustain vermin and is resistant to the growth of fungi, mould and bacteria. The product has no impurities and has a 50-year warranty.

Blow-in insulation

In addition to Earthwool Glasswool, we use blow-in insulation for existing and new homes to fill hard to reach areas in the attic.

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